You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Q. Can the furniture you show be customized?

A. Thank you for the question.  The short and quick answer is, “YES”.  Custom furniture is our specialty.  We love custom projects!  We can craft a single piece of furniture or many pieces as your project requires.  We started this business making custom furniture for local customers; we now ship our custom-made furniture all over the U.S. and Canada.  Just about all of our designs can be made to the desired size, layout and finish.  Give us a call or email, and let’s discuss your project and vision.  Our online staff will explain the process – it’s quite simple.


Q. How much assembly is there on your beds?

A. Most of our beds will arrive with the headboard and footboard sections pre-assembled, you'll just need to simply attach the legs and side rails.  Very minimal assembly is required.  


Q. What is the warranty on your furniture?

One year.  I will ask another question on your behalf.  Will the furniture last longer than a year?  Our furniture, with proper care, is built to be passed down to your kids and then their kids.  We have been building furniture for twenty years now.  Many of our customers come back and visits us at our stores to order more or just say hello.  We often hear “the furniture you made us ten years ago looks as good as the day it was delivered.”  This always brings a smile as we pride ourselves in building quality furniture.  Other big furniture companies know that what they are selling is meant to be thrown away in a few years. Very sad!

PS Our past customers also tell us often that when people visit their home their visiting friends or family always comment on how unique the furniture we built is.  Bonus!


Q. What is the difference between real barnwood furniture and faux barnwood furniture?

A. First, Woodland Creek offers both types of furniture. Both are well made, and both will last many years. 

We do not like the term “faux” as we feel this term connotes that it’s fake and un-natural.   This is real wood furniture given a rustic finish which resembles barnwood furniture. It is usually lower in cost when compared to furniture made with reclaimed barnwood. Some of our customers like the texture and color of these finishes over real barnwood furniture. This is a personal choice.

Real barnwood furniture is crafted with wood that ranges in age from 50 to 125 years old.  The wood is reclaimed from barns throughout the Midwest.  You can expect wood that is naturally, slowly weathered by the four seasons and sun over a period of many decades.  We feel the more dings and dents the wood planks have the better-looking furniture it makes.  To be very honest, the look and feel of real barnwood cannot be replicated with distressing techniques or matched in its natural earth tone colors.  Barnwood has its own distinct look and feel and that is why it is so popular.  The bottom line is follow your heart. If you look at a design, and you are attracted to it, this is because of the “complete” package – the design, the scale, the functionality, the texture of the wood and the color of the finish all contribute to its over aesthetic and vibe.  When you stop at a particular design, and you get the feeling “that is really cool” – you have found the right piece of furniture for your home.  This answer is a bit long, but its hard to explain the differences in a few sentences.


Q.  What are your thoughts on mixing rustic furniture and modern furniture designs?

A. Thank you for the question.  Ten years ago, the answer would have been short and sweet.  No mixing!  Every interior designer in the country would have given this answer loud and proud.  Well, Woodland Creek has been showing how you can tastefully mix rustic and modern for over a decade.  Now, mixing looks is very popular.  Nobody wants their home to feel like a sterile hospital.  Adding rustic and organic pieces with modern adds just the right balance of warmth and character.


Q.  Do you offer gift certificates?

A.  Yes, we now offer gift certificates.  Be the number one sibling in your family.   Your father doesn’t need another tie, and your mother is burned out on flowers.  A gift certificate from Woodland Creek is the perfect gift and will get you picked as their “favorite” kid.  Husbands, a Woodland Creek Furniture gift certificate is the perfect way to avoid the half smile you have seen so many times.  You know the look – the one you’ve gotten when you gave a vacuum for her birthday or a new dishwasher for her anniversary.  Let her pick the perfect gift through the thousands of products on our web site.    

Also, you may use Woodland Creek Furniture gift certificates at either of our retail web sites. 


Q. Do the points for your Loyalty Program expire?

You have a full twelve months to use them at either of our web sites or at one of our five retail stores.  Happy Shopping!


Q. Can I dictate what carrier you ship with?

A. With our free shipping we will use the carrier of our choice. If it's possible to ship the way you wish or with the carrier you wish we can do that, you'll just pay the shipping cost difference.


Q. Do you sell mattresses?

A. Not at this time, but all our beds fit standard size mattresses.  Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King.  We have had customers ask us to make our beds to fit a custom sized mattress.  We did it!


Q. How close are the pictures on your web site to what I will receive?

A. Excellent question, and one I would surely ask if I was considering buying unique furniture.  The vast majority of the photos on our web site were taken by a professional photographer.  We hire pros because we want to capture the true color, essence and character of our furniture.  We never understood how some our competitors get away with showing grainy, low quality photos.  We do not want there to be any surprises when you get your furniture.  Well, maybe one surprise.  We hope you are surprised at how much more beautiful the furniture looks in person.  And, if we may toot our own horn just a bit here – we do here that quite often. 
Finishes can vary depending on the lighting used and how your computer screen is calibrated. A yellow light will portray a finish differently than a pure white light.


Q. How difficult is it to move and assemble your furniture?

A. There is nothing more frustrating than getting something new and then having to spend hours trying to figure out how to assemble it.  Excitement and anticipation are soon replaced with stress and frustration.  Don’t even get me started on assembly instructions designed and written by somebody whose third language is pig Latin English.  We are happy to report that our furniture can be easily be put together with basic tools that just about everyone has in their home.  If by chance, something is giving you a challenge, we are here seven days a week to help you through the issue.  Yes, you heard correct. Woodland Creek is one of those rare business that still has real humans answer its phone.