About Woodland Creek Furniture

Woodland Creek started with an idea to make unique rustic furniture from exotic woods. During the summer of 1997 Robert Evina, Woodland Creek’s founder, traveled extensively through remote villages in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Hungary. During his travels he came across beautiful exotic woods. Having watched his uncles in Alaska craft log homes and rustic furniture, he knew the exotic woods would make some very interesting rustic furniture.

Owner and Black Walnut


Robert showed his designs and met clients at shows across the country. During these shows Robert met other rustic furniture builders from different parts of the United States. Friendships were made and wood was traded. The wood is primarily standing dead or reclaimed wood from farmers’ ranches or old barns. Eco Friendly Furniture has recently become very popular. Woodland Creek has been using reclaimed wood for over ten years – long before reclaimed furniture became popular. Woodland Creek now imports reclaimed wood from Eastern Europe, Mexico, Indonesia, China, California, Utah, and Colorado. When you combine a wood from Eastern Europe with a wood from California or Michigan, you have a look unlike any other and rustic furniture like any other. Our furniture designs have evolved over time. The line between rustic furniture and contemporary furniture is being blurred. Even those who like contemporary furniture appreciate the organic feel of real wood. You get a very unique look by combining thick organic natural slabs with modern bases.

The Artisans

Woodland Creek is very fortunate to have some of the best rustic furniture crafters in the country designing and building custom rustic furniture. Many have won awards. Some started with no skills as general laborers and because of their natural talents have evolved into incredible rustic furniture artisans. In addition to the rustic furniture builders, Woodland Creek also has its own woodcarver and metal artisan. 

If you’re looking for something even more unique and special, Woodland Creek has its own woodcarver and metal artisans who can build custom wood furniture that will be one-of-a-kind to fit any rustic décor. If our clients can dream it, Woodland Creek can custom build it! Contact us today to discuss, plan, and build your custom wood furniture piece(s).

Woodland Creek is one of only a few stores in the country where the client can visit the showroom for inspiration and then meet with the artisans to discuss your project. Our artisans will show you the different woods, and you are welcome to get involved in the project. Woodland Creek’s staff invites you to visit Woodland Creek and see for yourself why many have called Woodland Creek the most unique store in the country.

Furniture made by Woodland Creek is proudly Made in America! Our other lines of furniture are made by trusted and experienced Craftsman from around the world.

A Rustic Furniture Pioneer - Matt Madsen

Matt Madsen began building rustic furniture almost forty years ago.  Matt was one of the pioneers of the rustic furniture movement. Matt worked with us for several years.  Matt taught us many valuable woodworking techniques and the art of free form furniture. Matt has since passed away. We hope he is in a better place full of the really twisty wood he loved to work with. Matt’s art lives on in each and every piece of furniture made by Woodland Creek. We are grateful to have had him with us.  Matt strived to handcraft the most unique rustic furniture in the world. As his apprentices, we strive to honor him with this same goal.